Residential Services

At The Title Group, we truly pride ourselves on thorough and reliable service. As a realtor, assisting homeowners through the purchase and sale process is a rewarding experience, albeit one with many details to take care of for your clients. We want to be your trusted partner and provider when it comes to title insurance needs. This means meeting the needs of you and your clients. This means delivering high-quality, detailed, and accurate policies on time, every time, with no surprises.

Our singular focus is the comprehensive search of the property in your transaction. With the title policy being our sole focus, we do not get side-tracked with other issues that may be a part of the ongoing deal. Our staff are experts when it comes to researching at the historical documents regarding your property and their sole purpose is ensuring there are no surprises when you arrive at closing.

You can be confident that the service you receive from The Title Group is not only reliable, steadfast, and on time, but also responsive. Your questions or concerns will be answered promptly and thoroughly. Regardless of the size or the complexity of your deal, we will provide a stress-free experience for you and your client.

As a local company, we have built strong, long-standing relationships with lenders and attorneys throughout the area. Our team maintains communication with all involved parties and works relentlessly to ensure an effortless transaction.

The Title Group, your trusted partner and Insuring Your Reputation One Deal at a Time.