• What should I look for in a title insurer?

    In accordance with the Alabama Title Insurance Act of 2001, the agent issuing your title insurance must be domiciled in or reside in the state of Alabama. All agents of the Title Group meet this regulation. We are a locally owned and operated company with over 150 years combined experience in the title industry.

  • How is title insurance different from other types of insurance?

    Title insurance works to eliminate risk before the transaction takes place. Most other types of insurance assume risk by a pooling of risks for losses developing from an unanticipated event.

  • Exactly what does title insurance insure?

    Prior to issuing a title insurance policy, a title company will perform a search of land records to determine ownership of the land as well as to record any burdens on the land. For example, a person might claim to have an easement on the property that is being purchased that would allow them a right of access across your property or someone may claim that they have a lien on the property that is securing the repayment of a debt. When the search has been completed, typically a commitment is issued by the title company that outlines the circumstances under which the title company agrees to insure the land.

  • Who needs title insurance?

    Title companies generally issue two types of policies – an owner’s policy that covers the homebuyer and lender’s policy that covers the bank, savings and loan or other lending institution throughout the life of the loan. Both buyers and lenders in real estate transactions need title insurance because they both need to know that the involved property is insured against particular title defects.

  • What protection am I getting with a title insurance policy?

    If an insured claim is made against your property, the title company will defend your title in court at their expense. If a claim is judged as valid, the title company will bear the cost of settlement in order to perfect your title.

  • How often do I pay a title insurance premium?

    Unlike most other types of insurance the original premium is the only cost involved with title insurance and covers you as long as you own the property.

  • Does the Title Group insure commercial as well as residential property?

    Yes. The Title Group specializes in commercial transactions such as insuring The AmSouth Harbert Center, Galleria Mall, various CVS locations statewide and many other commercial developments.

The Title Group would be glad to further consult with you regarding any questions that you might have about title insurance.

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